Sunday, February 13, 2011

swedish snow candles

Last night I headed out to a gathering of friends for fun in the snow, food, drinks, and more fun in the snow... sled races at 10pm? check!
It was a blast. I have been meeting more and more people everyday and couldn't feel more welcome to this new place (someone told me that soon I will have met everyone in town and will start seeing repeats... sounds good to me!)
Anyway, at this snow-fun-food gathering one of the attendees made Swedish snow candles along the path up to the house, they were beautiful and glowed all night long!

The image doesn't quite do them justice (with no tripod, shivering hands, and only a 1/2 moon's worth of light, I struggled to capture these guys on camera). But if you've got snow and want to make them yourself, Apartment Therapy has the how-to's...

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