Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Since I spend most of my evenings with the cat in a cozy, snow-surrounded home, I have been catching up on movies lately.
Last night, I watched Coco Before Chanel, about... you guess it... Coco Chanel.

I have to say the movie was beautiful. Inspiring, actually. not too far in, I found myself pausing the laptop and reaching for my sketchbook.

At the end I watched some of the 'dvd extras', and after some clips of the NYC premier with the director and some of the actors, Audrey Tautou - in a beautiful frahnsch at-scent - closed with this:

"It is important to create your life instead of being passive or, you know, instead of waiting for something to happen."

I thought I loved Mlle. Tautou before I saw this movie, now I know I do!

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