Monday, February 28, 2011


I realized around 5pm this evening that I had to make dinner! DUH - I know, but I have been lucky enough to be fed via potluck for the past couple of days, so I kind of forgot. (Granted, potlucks still mean making food... but not a whole meal!)

Anyway, I walked home from the greenhouse and started exploring the kitchen. I came up with a funky 'kitchen sink' kind of meal (which I do a lot and rarely tell anyone about... but this one is actually good!)

I'm calling it a 'balsamic roast'. It is simple, hearty, and delicious... If you venture to try it yourself, I would LOVE to hear what you think!

balsamic roast

about 3 cu small potatoes (or cubed big potatoes)
1 small-med onion
1/8 cu (about 3 'glugs') olive oil
1/8 cu (about 6 'glugs' balsamic vinegar)
2 Tbl. honey
salt to taste

heat oven to 375
chop up fruit + veggies into chunks
throw chunks into deep glass roasting dish
pour olive oil, vinegar, honey + salt over chunks and stir

roast for about 40-50 minutes
(I got kind of impatient and took it out of the main oven and placed the dish into the broiler for about 10 minutes... this got things moving and gave the veggies some crunch)

This would make a great side dish to some baked chicken or some medium-rare cooked grass-fed beef?!?!
However, as stated above, I forgot about dinner today and had no such meats on hand. What about protein?! I cooked up some french lentils and mixed both dishes together... quite delicious!
I think I will be having the left-overs for breakfast - can't wait!

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