Tuesday, February 22, 2011

little RED riding HILL

Pat came up for the weekend, a treat indeed!
I gave him a tour of the area, we gasped together about the beauty of the mountains and lakes, and continually reminded each other about how different life is going to be up here.

We also found some time to play outside. Wanting to avoid the holiday ski craze, we headed over to a small, member-run ski hill in Meredith. It was a beautiful sunny day - perfect to play outside. Unfortunately, there have been too many warm, beautiful days and freeze-thaw cycles have left many a hill of snow VERY ICY. So, much of my time "snowboarding" this hill was spent on my fanny... I am still sore... but we had fun, and I still want to try to get the hang of this "winter snowsport" idea...
I think Red Hill might be the place to do it: a tow rope instead of a scary big lift, no lines, friendly fellow skiiers, and plenty of kids on sleds (where being on your fanny is doing it right!)

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