Monday, February 28, 2011

buckets of fun

Mrs. Buttersworth, Aunt Jemima, Bob Streeter.
What do these people have in common? Who is Bob Streeter? What's with the bird houses pictured below?
It is time for all of your local maple sugarers to start their season.
In the fall, maple trees store up starches in their roots. All winter, these starches sit in the roots and convert into sugar to be used in the spring for the formation of buds/leaves. As winter warms up, the sugars (sap) flow up the trunk of the tree towards the branches.
If you are skilled, and are seeking the deliciousness that is maple syrup, you can tap the tree and collect some of the sap, bring it home, boil it, and have a healthy helping on pancakes!

Timing is everything and with our winter days starting to warm up a bit, some local sugarers have started tapping trees. Bob Streeter, a local, is one such sugarer. Here are some photos of trees he tapped earlier this week...

I believe his goal this year is 250 trees!
These bucketed trees make me think of little woodland creatures, living amongst the trees, collecting sap, having a blast.

I plan to help Bob this season with the collection process that will come in a few weeks... so more info and photos to follow!

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