Thursday, February 3, 2011

bonkers for bulgur

I recently inherited a small stock of bulgur to add to my grain collection, and I must say, I really like it! 'What is bulgur?' you ask... it is a whole grain version of dried durum wheat.
'Is it good?! or is it good for me?' you scepticize... yes. both. NYT writes about it and has some great ways to cook it here.
What I really like about it is the ease of preparation.

I usually like to pre-soak my grains for a few hours in warm water with a little yogurt or kefir (overnight, if I'm really ahead of the game). This warm water/soured dairy combo allows for little microbiota to take up shop in the grains and aids digestion by breaking down phytic acid. Soaking also cuts down on grain cooking time: rice takes 20 minutes instead of 40, rolled oats are a cinche!

Okay, back to bulgur. If you soak it, bulgur cooks up in about 5 minutes.
If you forgot to soak it (which I did last night and found myself hungry and un-soaked this morning):
simply saute 1 cu. bulgur in 2 Tbl butter for 2 min
add 2 cu. water and simmer for 7 min or until tender
I added some home-made maple syrup from a great couple I have befriended up here...


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