Friday, August 30, 2013

piles of pallets - piles of compost

Over the past two weeks, I collected pallets from various sources (and had help from a very nice - albeit flirtatious -  Veteran at the dump!)
With help from some students last Friday, some of those pallets were deconstructed then re-constructed into a compost bin!
Don't worry, that little pile is going to grow BIG once we start composting in the dining hall. And to aid in that effort, I designed a couple of posters:

August re-cap

I did claim on July 7th that I was "back at it"... and I am!!! I will try to catch up to the present - a LOT has changed. 

As stated, Pat and I surveyed the land in early July:
Then, in early August, I had two groups of youth volunteers come out to help get things started!

We cleared away sod from two already bare spots (two big pines once stood in these spots), then we layed out cardboard and compost to start building beds. Paths of mulch and beds of compost were built bucket by bucket. The circles are 30' in diameter totaling 1,400 square feet of growing space! We do have a deer and crow population that is quite curious (and destructive) so that 'farmonista' fencing is coming in handy.
Seeds were planted (as were seedlings from my fabulous farming friends, Radical Roots)
carrots and chives in the center bed
It has been a very busy month... rains came, and the sun shined and seeds sprouted (I can't find my pictures of sprouts right now, but trust me, seeds sprouted!) I am actually going to harvest (HARVEST!!!!) next week. I will be sure to catch that on my phone's camera :o)