Sunday, February 13, 2011


I have about 4 or so posts written and photoed in my head... and not-a-one written and photoed in the internet. So, Sunday morning blog update time!

Yesterday one of the CSA members (and a member of the unofficial "let's all be great and welcome Kim into this awesome new place" crew) came over to help get some things going in the greenhouse. I am waiting for seeds and soil to come in (not to mention for some warmer nights and more sunshine) so greenhouse work hasn't really started yet...

My plan of for this impromptu Satur-work-day was just to rake out dead weeds, organize benches, get a feel for the place - before long we were breathing in dust, covered in dead plant matter, and inspired!

We talked about the best place to set up a work bench (for seeding, potting, storing tools, etc) and quickly realized that what I needed more than the right place for a work bench was a work bench!

Armed with a pile of tools, some creative energy, and a germination chamber that I didn't intend to use (more on that in a few days), we got to work building a bench... I love it!

* noticing a trend on turning pumpkins into carriages?

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