Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sunny day work

The weather has been pretty on-again-off-again this week. When the sun's out, I try to get out into the fields and work on a no-till way of getting cover crop out of the ground. I have chosen one of the plots to be a true no-till plot: tearing out the cover crop (cover crop not really being part of the no-till equation) by hand:
Some students from the garden class cam out to help with cover crop removal
The beds of this field will be built of either finished compost or hot manure (depending on the crop to be planted). I am collecting AS MUCH manure as I can get my hands on to start to build compost windrows or to use right away:
Pat + I picked up some horse manure yesterday from a farm right down the road.
Thanks to Diana Louis for the poo and to Chris Moneypenny for the truck!