Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Special Delivery

Two major items arrived at the farm in the past two days: Patrick M. Griffin and the materials for the new high tunnel, to be built and installed by Ledgewood Farms. 
Oddly enough, the prep for each of these special deliveries was similar: TIDY UP!

I have to admit, I do not have photos of my weekend-long cleaning session (I'm sparing you toilet brush and mop picts). And I didn't even have a camera ready for his actual arrival, so the ol' camera phone will have to suffice. 

There are, however, before + after shots of the clean-up for the high tunnel... nevermind that the tidying took place after the materials arrived! No-till cleaning means pulling the suckers out one-by-one... good thing the ground is soft and warm - and today was such a sunny, cool, spring-time day to play outside.

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