Monday, March 14, 2011


There is a general rule when it comes to what not to talk about amongst friends: no politics, no religion... YES music! This one might get weird, but hear me out, and take from it what you will.

I was graciously treated to some live music this past weekend. Hailey Niswanger, a current student at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, was in town on Saturday and one of our CSA members reserved a ticket for me + 1. It was great to get some live music coursing through the veins. Jazz is a genre that I need to be in the mood for; Sunday mornings seems like the best time for it in my life... but if it is live, I'll take it whenever I get it.

From Jazz to Jigga. I just sat down to dinner and a movie with the cat. Tonight's feature:  Fade To Black. There is nothing, nothing like Jay-Z and this docu walks us through the making of the Black Album and Hova's "sellin' out the Garden". He pulls out all of the stops and a whole lot of music stars from Missy Elliot to Mike D. He also pays tribute to people who have made hip hop what it is today from Biggie to Pac, to L.L. and Mary J. 

Which brings me to the Band. When I was watching Fade, I frequently thought about The Last Waltz.  After 16 years on the road, the Band decides to call it quits. When "fading away" was part of the idea, the Band faded in much the same way Jay did (or rather Jay fades like the Band). Guest galore: Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Dr. John, and the Neils - Young and Diamond. It's great in the only that way a docu about the Band can be!

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