Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beans and peas

According to the calendar, spring has sprung. 
And I almost would have believed it on Sunday: it was in the high 40s, there was a slight breeze and the sun couldn't have shined brighter. 
But not lately: Monday's temps barely rose above 30, and a cold, wet snow fell from the gray sky for hours... today wasn't much better... there was some sun. But brrrrr! And tonight's projected low is 15!
Regardless of the weather, I am pumped about the coming season. I am anxious to shift into high seeding gear. To quell some of my energy I seeded some snow peas (appropriate) and some runner beans into one of the small hoop houses. 

And the little baby seedlings in the big greenhouse don't care what the sky is throwing at them:
Grow spring grow!

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