Sunday, March 6, 2011

Fridgerminator - "I'll grow back!"

A few weeks ago, I set off on a mission of electricity. I needed a germination chamber and - based on experience at Four Winds, I investigated the circuitry of a no-longer-working refrigerator and tinkered with the interior light a bit.

The goal: to make a germination chamber for seeding
The tools: an old fridge, some wire snips, a new thermostat, a partner in crime (Ned), and a 7th grade knowledge of how a circuit works
The outcome: success! okay, admittedly, there was a lot of tinkering and mis-wiring... but no one got hurt and in the end, I have a functioning fridgerminator.

clockwise from top left: Ned in the bottom 'freezer' portion of the fridge - snipping wires,
the empty fridge - testing to make sure a seed tray fits well,

the re-wired light, the thermostat - keeping things at a balmy 67 degrees!

With some extra seeds from last year, I seeded up a couple of the condiment trays
(with holes drilled in the bottom for drainage) - for fun, and to use "all parts of the animal"
Update: I just checked on my little seedlings - they are starting to sprout!!!

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