Thursday, April 30, 2009

dear licks,

we have an electric fence that surrounds the entire farm and is intended to keep various pests, namely deer, OUT.
there have been a few setbacks to getting this system up and running: first, the fence needed to be tightened, deer were getting in with no problem at all! next, the battery didn't work/needed to be sun-charged.

after some work and some trials (tim + devin volunteered to 'test' the fence while i nervously watched), we got the thing juiced up and shocky
-queue disco music: "it's electric.

now comes the part where the deer need to
understand that it's electric.

education method: peanut butter licks. peanut butter gets schmered onto tin foil, tin foil touches shocky wire, deer licks peanut butter, zap! but just a little zap... we'll call it a 'learning' zap

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