Sunday, April 5, 2009

weekend wrap-up

okay, okay. there was no post friday, i know. but let's be honest, you all went out and had fun friday night, right?! you weren't glued to your computer, refreshing the little lambsie, anxiously awaiting a post... and neither was i. ;o)

i went (somewhat unintentionally) on a 20 mile bike ride today... explored the area, soaked up the sunshine, and snapped a few photos. i'm puttin' them here for your veiwing pleasure (and to get back into good graces for the lacking of friday's post.)

check out this bowling alley! i love the signage and the building...

speaking of signage on a great building (let's not forget that there is an archie inside of this farmer's blog...). how about this great little number sitting about a mile or so from the end of my ride, overlooking the Hudson. green trim, stone construction, architect and farmer approved (the sign says so!)


  1. Um...I love an 'unintentional' 20 mile bike ride. Any day.