Thursday, April 2, 2009

all i need is water, light, and a bluebird bus

yesterday's post was a bit silly. not that i'm trying to take myself too seriously... but let's get down to business here, eh? this morning started out foggy and the greenhouse was muggy and warm.

but look! there is all kinds of great stuff going on: onions, kale, cauliflower; tons of little guys are poking up through their germination cells seeking yummy light and water.
and speaking of yummy, check out the lettuce flourishing in the back corner! almost time to get it outside and into the ground...

the bus tim + devin just bought for the mobile market (more on that later) came with instructions on how to safely cross the street.
it did not, however, come with instrctions on how to safely rip out all of the seats...
we figured that one out ourselves. (note tim + i are safely outside while devin is inside wrestling the seat loose)

after a full day of meetings with green teens - an organization exposing kids + young adults to information about nutrition, food, and much more (, bus-seat wrestling (despite the photo, tim + i were helping), tomato seed planting, and a range of weather from fog to sunshiiiiiiine; the guys + i hiked part of the way up mt. beacon to see the sunset over the hudson river.

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