Friday, October 18, 2013

Saying 'goodbye' to Dahlia

It is with a somewhat heavy heart that I write this post... This evening, after only 20 hours listed on craigslist, I sold my dear truck. The truck that hauled too much manure, that moved me from NY to NH to VT, the truck that everyone loved, the truck that gave me 'farmer cred'. She is going to live on a goat farm where she can spend her days rusting, sputtering, and leaking gasoline from her front fuel tank... I can't help but sing "Norma Jean" as I write this. We love you, Dahlia.

her first outing - canoeing on the Wallkill

first trip to NH - horse manure in Conway
moving (hillbilly style) from NY to NH
Unpacking @ The Community School 'love shack'
conquering the TCS compost pile
helping get rid of a tiller (she was straight NO-TILL for life!)
first pigs! Hamlet, Sassafras, + Kevin Bacon
Rachel driving (BIG LOVE loves Dahlia!)
DIY rust repair: spray foam, trace paper, Bondo
Pallets @ College of Saint Joseph
fencing at CSJ
A toast, "To Dahlia!"

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  1. My favorite Dahlia moment was the pine cone that fell and wedged itself into the hood that stayed there for an extended period of time. She will be missed.