Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Prop 37

Michael Pollan recently wrote a fantastic piece in the New York Times about California's Prop 37.
While I have often stated that I don't wish to get 'political' here... it is starting to become more and more clear just how entangled our nation's politics and food really is. 

Here are a couple excerpts from Mr. Pollan's article.  
"[we will soon learn] whether or not there is a “food movement” in America worthy of the name... But a market and a sentiment are not quite the same thing as a political movement — something capable of frightening politicians and propelling its concerns onto the national agenda."

"... Money-for-food is not the only transaction going on at the farmers’ markets; indeed, it may be the least of it. Neighbors are talking to neighbors. Consumers meet producers... City meets country. Kids discover what food is... The farmers’ market has become the country’s liveliest new public square..."

Please take some time to read up about Prop 37, GMOs, and what you can do to support good food!

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