Tuesday, October 2, 2012

kids + veggies

Lianne recently wrote a great post about her kiddos and market:  
(used without permissions, but I'm sure it's fine!)

So Henry and I go to the farmers' market in Tamworth today, and he asks me for $10 so he can "get some food for breakfast." An hour later he comes back with a bunch of carrots, a pound of green beans, a pint of husk tomatoes, and a fresh-squeezed lemonade. No pie. No cinnamon buns. No cupcakes. No scones. On top of that, he helped convince a bunch of folks in line at the Booty Farm's tent that their amazingly huge carrots were sweet and delicious, not tough, with about three new takers after his spiel. That's my boy!

Madeline, meanwhile, is at The Community School stand while our farmer is away for the weekend, hustling fish and veggies to the masses and making change like a pro. That's my girl!

Gotta love Tamworth Farmers' Market.

The kids in this town LOVE veggies (almost as much as the farmers!)
Maddie Quinn + Henry Moneypenny modeling their purchases 
Madeline Moneypenny on the way to market

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