Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zen and the art...

... of farm equipment maintenance!

There is a quote that hangs on my fridge that reads "Some people tell me that I’m wasting my college education, but to be a good farmer, you have to be a scientist, a mechanic, a businessman." I think there is a lot more that can be added to that list, but this week, Jared + I played mechanic.

Jared has a bit more recent experience in this, he is re-building a '70s model motorcycle. So, I asked him along to assist me in replacing the cable that engages the mower deck (blades) on the riding lawn mower. Between the two of us, we replaced the cable in about 15 minutes... (I couldn't have loaded it into the back of my truck to drive it to the mechanic in that little time!)

Some of the work required muscle and some of it required small fingers. Turns out, we each brought a piece of each to the table.

Money was saved, skills were acquired, and the mower is fixed!

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