Friday, August 24, 2012

Down with Buckwheat!

In an attempt to smother weeds, feed the soil, use cover croping in a no-till system, and attract pollinators, I seeded buckwheat between the beds of winter squash, in the paths between tomatoes and peppers, and amongst the bean tipis. 
Well, the buckwheat is now about to go to seed, and rather than allow it to do so, setting up the farm for buckwheat weeds next year, we are cutting it down!
inage from
Mark in the winter squash
Since buckwheat will not survive the frost (it is a 'winterkill' crop), we aren't going crazy removing it, simply whacking it down and leaving the stalks to break down where they fall. The stalks will eventually decompose and give back to the soil, further building our organic matter and fertility. Farming is typically a take relationship with the earth - harvest harvest harvest! It feels good to give now and then.

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