Tuesday, May 22, 2012

sharing early treasures

This week's share is GREEN, no doubt. But look closely and you'll see more than just leaves in those bags. 
Peas are starting to come on in the high tunnel, delicate white flowers are yielding plump little pea pods, perfect to snack on during harvest! Asparagus sprouts are popping up every day, we're harvesting as fast as we can. Other flavorful garden treats like garlic chives, beet greens, leek cuttings (from last week's transplant), and kale offer up a FANTASTIC saute... or go raw!
The other bag of greens offers a little spice - with some arugula - to round off the fresh, succulent taste of spring lettuce. 
Spring is the season for cleaning and what better way to ensure a clean dinner plate than fresh, divine, greens?!


  1. I came across your website and blog looking for schools doing what I'd like to do. You are amazing and should be proud. Truly inspirational! Cheers from Ithaca, NY

    1. Thank you so much, Mr. DeVoe! Good luck with your search