Thursday, May 17, 2012

in the trenches

We have been planting up a storm (in-between CSA harvest and selling seedlings)! Yesterday, Jared + I planted bok choy, nappa cabbage, and red mustard. The day before that, we finished up the alliums. We are trying something new this time with the leeks (winter reading is inspiring!)... trenches:
The garden plot where the onions are being planted was in bush beans last year. Composted manure was added to the plot before the beans were planted and once the beans were done, we cut the stalk, left the roots and didn't till them in... over the winter, bugs and worms ate the roots and this spring, the bed is noticeably improved from last year. There is much more organic matter in the soil, it's a darker, richer color, and it is actually holding onto some of this rain (the other, sandier plots are "well drained"). Woo-hoo no till!
Next up: kale, brussles sprouts, and potatoes.

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