Sunday, July 17, 2011

5 for Farms

Pasha from Holland Hill Studio has come up with a great way to get people out and about, walking or running around the farm!

Next Sunday, the 24th, at 8am is the "Five for Farms" 5K walk/run at the Community School to raise money for their farm, specifically soil enrichment. 

There is a $20 entry fee, kids + students get a discount, with all proceeds going to the farm. Each participant gets to bring home a bunch of beautiful flowers from the farm and a heart full of joy and

There is also an extra (yummy!) challenge...
Dan Kush, of BIG LOVE Burritos, can run! And since he thinks he is the best thing on two legs running around this farm, he is giving everyone a 10 minute head start!
If he can't catch you, you get a FREE BIG LOVE Burrito at the end of the race. 
Burritos will be available for all participants at low cost with proceeds going to the farm. 

At 9am, kids under 5 race for free around the farm.

Register by calling Holland Hill at 476-2476 or emailing

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