Saturday, May 21, 2011

Tractor work

Pat has continued to be a huge help on the farm.

A few weeks ago he spent an ENTIRE day working in "the back 40" organizing the compost piles:

This past week there was more.
Why the rain coat? Not because of the weather... but because of the black flies! A new enemy of ours, we don't have these things 'down south', biting gnats are the WORST! One bit me the other day smack in the middle of my forehead! People keep telling us that after a season we will be 'immune' to their bites, that they won't itch or leave a mark... but for now we look like Measles patients!

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  1. Black flies are the worst - we have them at the lake, yuckie. I can't believe how much LAND there is. Looks beautiful.