Saturday, May 21, 2011

onion planting

I don't think I have to explain to anyone what kind of spring it has been... we, and everyone else, are about a week behind schedule due to rain, rain, rain. While overcast skies are great for transplanting... downpours are not!
This week we are finally able to get onto the fields to get some plants into the earth. And today (between downpours) we finished planting all of the onions - and leeks and scallions. Being the most tedious of plants to get in, we are glad to be done!

Get in line, you onions!
Because there is a history of cutworms on this land (and evidence of them in the hoop houses) we are taking preventative measures with these little plants. We don't have enough time or resources to protect every onion... but at least the ones near grass (where the cutworms enjoy the winter months) will get cardboard fortresses at the stem.

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