Friday, January 28, 2011

today's Maine event

Part of what I get to do as I settle in to this new place is meet a whole lot of really great and valuable people in this community. I have been shaking hands and sharing meals with so many wonderful folks!
This evening I drove into Maine to hang out with Geof Hancock of Alma Farm. Geof was the farmer at The Community School about 4 years ago. He is now farming with his partner Gina and their two adorable twin girls, Emilia and Adeline. Geof was kind enough to have me over and chat about the goings on around here. It was great!
I hate going into new homes empty handed (and, to be honest, I was really craving these yummy little things) so I whipped up a batch of spelt biscuits to bring along.
**Since this bog is going to become a recipe source once the bounty starts coming out of the ground, I figured I might as well start now!

Lauren's Spelt Biscuits (makes 8)
2 cu. spelt flour
1Tbl. baking powder
1tsp. salt
1/3 cu. coconut oil
3/4 cu. HOT water

preheat oven to 375
line baking sheet with parchment (or dust with flour)

mix together dry ingredients
add coconut oil and water, lightly mix with spatula
dredge out dough, pat into 1" thick slab
use mason jar/pint glass (which ever is empty!) and cut slab into circles
place on sheet
optional: brush on some oil and sprinkle with sugar or salt (I find they don't need this, but it sure doesn't hurt...)
bake for 4 min.
pull out the rack, rotate sheet 180 - back in oven
bake 4 more min.

let cool (but not too much, then the butter won't melt just right!) and enjoy.

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