Friday, January 21, 2011

head north, not west

It has been a long, too long, period of time since I have been adding information to the internet via this blog. Until 5 days ago, I had all but forgotten then internet existed (sorry Mr. Gore)! But, I am back.
While I have been taking a hiatus from blogging, I have not done so with farming. I spent the whole of 2010 at Four Winds Farm in Gardiner, NY learning about no-till vegetable cultivation, compost production, livestock rearing (in the form of pigs, ducks, cows, chickens, and turkeys), hiking, farm marketing, barn-living, beer brewing, food canning, a little bit of Spanish, and a lot bit about people. IT WAS GREAT! I'll throw some photos on here to attempt to sum up the year (at least on the farm... summing up 2010 on the whole is going to take more then a few photos).

Where is 2011 headed? NORTH. I know they say "go west, young man", but this young lady has found herself headed north. I realized the other day that I have successfully 'climbed' the East Coast. From Miami to DE to Philly to the Hudson Valley, I now find myself in NEW HAMPSHIRE! I was recently hired as the Farm Manager of The Community School in Tamworth. With the help of my dear Mr. Pat, I moved up last weekend and am settling in under a blanket of snow. The nights are cold, but the days are (mostly) sunny. I am learning to cross country ski and have already met a bunch of great people. So far I've got photos of snow... and the incredible packing job we had to accomplish to get all of our STUFF up here! More an more and more photos and posts will follow... for sure!


  1. Glad you are "back" and very happy to hear the move was good. Can't wait to keep up with your adventures on your blog and hopefully catch up this summer when we head north.

  2. congratulations, kim! my brother lives in campton - just on the other side of the mountain.