Monday, August 17, 2009

meeting new farms

i started at Four Winds last week. which is my excuse for such great lapses in posts.
i don't have any photos yet. nor do i have an excuse for that. i will do my best to capture one of the four winds this week...

until september 1-ish, i will be spending my mondays at common ground, and my tuesday-fridays at four winds.

here's a quick breakdown of last week:
tuesday: arrive at farm, weed some carrots, get really sweaty in the newly arrived summer heat, jump in pond to cool off, end day with an inaugural indian buffet supper with fellow interns muriel + kevin.

wednesday: harvest tomatoes (yes! tomatoes), go to woodstock, ny for the afternoon farmer's market.

thursday: weed chard in the rain, harvest tomatoes in the sun

friday: harvest a variety of veggies for market, weed the afore mentioend pond, end day with fish tacos and yerba matte in new paltz with muriel, kevin, + patrick.

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