Wednesday, August 5, 2009

final harvest

as some of you know, my internship at Common Ground Farm ended last thursday. this was a planned event, the position was only for 18 weeks and i started early to see the beginning of the season... it's a bummer, but it's a reality. i will be volunteering a bit for the next month, but my official time has ended. yesterday (tuesday) was my final harvest, and we had a sing-along lunch since it would be the last time that we are a full crew.
i will be starting at a new farm for the fall next tuesday: Four Winds Farm in New Paltz. (step back in time to this post) i am very excited to be working with a diversity of animals, a new cultivaton practice, and on the other side of the river!

i have some blogging to catch up on, and i'm going to break them up into individual posts... enjoy!

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