Tuesday, June 2, 2009

sunday thru monday

man oh man oh man! i can't even begin to express the excitement that has been brewing the past few days on the farm. but i will try... in a two-part harmony:

part one-

sunday mark-ed our first mark-et... we started early; harvesting radishes, scallions, lettuce, choi, and kale for market sale. despite some big winds that almost took the tent, tim returned with a report that market went well.

sunday evening devin, creek, daniel moon and i visited an amazing man doing amazing things with earth and water... vague, i know. pictures and more to follow. his name is skip and i will elaborate at another point and time.

sneak peak:

monday evening was the first craft meeting: a gathering of interns from the various farms in the region. there are soooo many farms here, there were easily 30 interns in attendance last night. it's a great chance for us to discuss our experiences, visit each others' farms, see what is going on in this productive and inspiring region, and have a general good time. we meet every monday, and i'll try to update you all on what monday evenings bring from here on out.


  1. sorry I was raining on that dude's stream parade.

    oh man, a pun and I didn't even mean to! Sean would be so proud. Wait, is that a pun?

    I'm excited to see pictures of his house even if i'm not sold on his stream. I want a house made out of old snowboards and volvo hoods.

  2. yeah, that is kind of punny... i'll take it, but you will need sean's final approval.

    when the day comes, you are more than welcome to have my volvo's hood for your house. (hopefully many many years from now...)