Monday, May 11, 2009


when i began this blog, and told everyone about it, i said that i would try to keep the soap-boxing at a minimum.
if you are allergic to soap or boxing, fair warning: this entry may be perceived as a soapy-boxy kind of post.

for the past two weeks i have attended a group discussion between our farm:
Common Ground Farm, and another, nearby, farm: the Poughkeepsie Farm Project.
the first discussion was about saving seeds and included topics such as genetically modified foods, patenting life, etc. i posted about it and included a link to a movie titled "The Future of Food".

the second gathering was last week and the topic was hunger.
this discussion was broad, and far-reaching, including nutrition, education, food stamps, farmer's markets, school lunches... the list goes on and on! i could fill this blog with all of the interesting, difficult, and inspiring things the group discussed.
instead, i will just include a few links and allow you all to jump in if you wish:

the NY times covered the increased demand at food banks in the region
the Nation discussed/explained how Mexico is now importing corn and the Philippines is now importing rice
we as a group briefly talked about City Fresh CSA in Ohio, a CSA with a sliding scale, allowing those in a low-income situation to still have access to fresh, nutritious food!

this week's topic is the farm bill. i will post some highlights and links after thursday's gathering.

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  1. alex sent out a link to your blog to a bunch of people to see if we could click enough on the bike to help you win.

    anyways, i was scrolling through some of your posts and reading about what you are doing. very cool.

    and specifically I chose this entry to comment on because food issues and the relationship to poverty is especially interesting to me. one of the facts that has always stuck with me is about how really unhealthy food has been made cheap by our system of subsidies and what not in this country....and healthy food doesn't get any subsidies.

    anyways, i hope to keep track of your blog!