Tuesday, May 19, 2009

big day, sunshine

the morning was spent completing the coop!!!

as you can see, walls and doors came out of the scrap pile. but i really like how it turned out: scrap-wood-collage-chicken coop-on-wheels

there are still some finishing touches - exterior paint and signage - but there are walls, and a roof. the birds are going to move in wednesday morning... cock-a-doodle-doooo!

the afternoon felt like summer, indeed. the sun came out to warm us up, and we planted 4 beds of tomatoes. that is roughly 500 tomato plants! once we get them all into the ground - we have another 5 beds to plant - i'll post some tomato photos so that you can all feel summertime with us...


  1. oh my god, that coop is amazing. Hahaha! Those chickens, do they know how avant garde their coop is? haha!