Friday, September 13, 2013

1...2...3... Harvest!

I have already had THREE harvests from the Provider Patch. 
Last Friday was the first - the overnight low was 36, but the tender little greens were perky and ready for pickin' by 730. The dining hall got 4 lbs of mesclun - which, reports showed, were gobbled up by enthusiastic professors and students, alike! 
3 1/2 more pounds were picked this past Monday, and 5 pounds today... Although on Monday I was in shorts and a T-shirt (as opposed to a winter hat + a hoodie!) and today required a full rain suit... I LOVE my work :o)

I also snagged some radishes from the ground and walked around campus offering them to students and staff as a way to advertise the farm... what colorful, tasty, fun snacks!

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