Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mid March, already?!

I am definitely overdue on a post... can I just blame the trend of seasonal lapses and say "hey, it's winter"?!

I have been busy these past couple of months. 

I started a class through UVM extension and the Vermont New Farmers Program entitled "Holistic Farm Planning for Beginning Women Farmers". It is a fantastic course/resource/tool and I am really enjoying the 'classroom' side of farm education. 

I also had foot surgery in late February to remove a bunion and re-align two toes. I knew the day would eventually come for this. And my doctor basically said "if you want to be farming - or walking - at 60, you had better do this now.

Plates, screws, saws, and stitches were all involved and I am now into week 3 (of 8) on crutches. I was looking at my "before" picture the other night, and despite my current swollen toes, and Frankenstein-esque wounds, my foot looks so much better! 
** I did promise, long ago, that this would be a photo-laden blog... so here are some feet shots:

So, this round was the right foot... in the fall I'll head back to the hospital and get the left one done, too. To make sure that the doctor did the correct one first, I left him some messages for while I was sleeping:


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