Monday, July 16, 2012

Turkish housing

The Turkeys are getting BIG. So they need to graduate from dog crates and greenhouse life to real, outdoor life. 
A few weeks ago, work on a real house for them started with a friend bringing over his backhoe and moving an old shed across the farm. 
I then clad the shed in some inch-board planks to class the place up a bit (carpentry, one of my favorite parts of farming). 
I am borrowing some poultry panels from the same friend mentioned above (Boy, do I have some fantastic friends - to say the least!) and we built an outdoor "turkey run" for them. 
Because these birds are a heritage breed, Bourbon Reds, they can fly. There are two options in dealing with this: 1. clip their wings or 2. roof them in so they don't fly away. I choose option 1 so that in the event that they need to 'fly' up and away from a predator, they can. Also, you have to clips their wings multiple times throughout the season (like fingernails) and I just don't have time to maintain feather-do's.
So, here they are in the new space, loving life:  eating bugs, bathing in dirt, perching in the sun...

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