Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"professional development"

This post could also be called "I love farming!"
Those are two quotes I was given today after a few hours of plumbing. Yep - plumbing... pipes, water, a ball valve and a blow torch! There were some other tools involved in the process (a plumber's wrench, a rubber mallet, a NOT rubber hammer... ) you get the jist!

After too many days spent lugging hose from the school, fighting for water pressure and taking HOURS to water the high tunnel, I took the morning to get the water going on the farm side of the road. Despite careful steps taken to drain the system in the fall to prevent freezing, when I set it all up last Friday to "go", water "went" all over. Ashley stopped by today and we diagnosed the problem as a blown ball valve.
A trip to the hardware store and $40 later, we were ready to play Mario + Luigi (Ashley was even wearing overalls!)
After much pulling, pushing, twisting, teflon taping, unscrewing, hammering and some cursing... we still couldn't get it quite right. Ashley got some anger out wailing on an elbow fitting (for the fourth re-set) and it cracked. Luckily, I had picked up an extra at the hardware store (you never know!). Unluckily, Ashley had to leave for a meeting and I was left to my own. I ran out to NAPA for some 'professional' help - from a guy who owns an auto part store?! Yes - he has lots of tools/toys. I came back home with  a blow torch for subtle plastic piping manipulation. 
Farming is many things. Plumbing is definitely one of them. 
I love what I do. 
Plus, when I watered the high tunnel this afternoon it took 1/3 of the time. Hooray!

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