Tuesday, July 21, 2009

where did july go?!?

the past week has been a bit of a blur.
since my last post, visitors have come and gone; i was sick, very sick; our tomato crop (and that of the entire east coast... maybe the nation's) is very VERY sick; there has been sunshine; and there has been rain.

today, it RAINED. cold, wet, rain. at this point in july, the "summer", highs should be in the 80's, easy. today's high was 67. not quite sure what's going on with the weather, but as a day-to-day outside worker, i'm confused!

we did get some good sunshine last week, though, giving the crops a break from the rain... but also causing some heat overload and dehydration - at least i think that was what wreaked havoc on my system l
ast week, sending me from bed to toilet for a few days which meant no farming (or blogging). i'm much better now.

speaking of wreaking havoc... two words: late blight. if you haven't heard of it,
listen up! we were hoping to avoid this awful plague of plagues, but unfortunately, we've been hit.
we have pulled about 1/3 of our first-round tomato crop out of the ground and stuck the stricken plants in black plastic bags to sit in the sun and kill the viral spores. we are spraying copper to try to stop the spread and protect the plants that have yet to be infected. what a mess!

my mamma came to visit this past weekend. it was great to have a visitor to show around the farm (she also helped weed the beets on saturday!) and to hang out around town. i was still feeling a bit ill when she came on friday, but she brought soup and TLC. by the end of her visit, i felt great!


  1. HI!! And , don't forget the CHIPMUNK attack! It was by this very spot that a small, furry creature ran over to say HELLO, I SCREAMED like a little girl, and it did a quick U-turn, racing back to the tall grass. Ah, nature!! LOVED seeing the farm, it's a beautiful area- glad you're feeling better.
    LOVE YOU!! mama